Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Offers Additional Two Weeks To Customers Wanting To Take Advantage Of Unlimited Supercharging

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has announced that it is extending the deadline for its potential customers to use its Superchargers, by another two weeks. Superchargers is a network of lock in fast charging stations. As such, customers who order a Tesla Model S or Model X would be entitled to unlimited supercharging. It should be noted here that the network of Superchargers is comprised of 769 charging stations, at interstates across the US, China, Europe and Japan.

TSLA stated that the decision was taken after the company experienced high demand from customers. Moreover, customers who place their order within the deadline should receive their vehicle by April 15, 2017. The company also noted that a Supercharger takes about 30 minutes to charge the vehicle, which can then deliver up to 170 miles. As of this year, Tesla also plans to offer 400 Kwh, equivalent of about 100 miles, of free charging to all new customers, per year. Once the limit has been reached, customers would be charged a small fee, which the company states would still be less than the cost of gasoline.

Tesla Motors Inc

Even though Tesla has not revealed that specifics of the aforementioned offering, the company has introduced a new fee for consumers who tend to leave their cars at a Supercharger, for more than five minutes after having completed charging. As such, $0.4 per minute would be charged to such drivers. An announcement was made in this regard, last month, in a bid to discourage drivers to leave their cars idle, at the charger.

The idle cars problem was most prominent around Christmas, as a number of consumers lined up at the charging stations, as they hoped to move between cities. Customers complained that many consumers were leaving their cars at the charger, to have a bite to eat, despite their charge to have been completed. As such, customers suffered delays of up to two hours, in reaching their destinations.

Tesla Motors lost 0.46% of its share value, during the December 30 trading session, to close at $213.69 per share.

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