Lawsuit Against Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Accuses Tech Giant To Protect Its Secrets

It is no secret, that corporate entity, more certainly so with the giants that are located in Silicon Valley, are prone to their secrets. However, with the newest lawsuit against Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google, accusing them of going too far to protect their secrets, a glimpse was caught of how the companies do this and why.

The lawsuit in question was pursued by an anonymous individual, who worked in the San Francisco branch. The individual served as product manager and is suing the company for being falsely blamed for leaking documents to the press.

More details about the case against Google

Allegedly, according to the accusations made by the ex-employee, Google violates dozens of Californian laws, which affects roughly all of its 65,000 employees. This lawsuit can become a hefty one very quickly if the allegations against Google turn out to be correct.

Alphabet Inc.

However, in response to the matter, a Google spokesman, stated, “We will defend this suit vigorously because it’s baseless. We’re very committed to an open internal culture, which means we frequently share with employee’s details of product launches and confidential information.”

When investigated, although this seems to be the case, it also instigates things further. The reason why this specific statement may not be baseless in itself is due to the employment contract that those who work for Google are liable to sign. In this contract, it states that no confidential Google information can be spoken of, not even to the government, or your attorneys.

More about the Google contract

The only problem, which is contradicting Google, is that in the company’s case, “confidential”, seems to be a code name, for almost everything about the company. In the tech giants own words, “Without limitation, any information in any form that relates to Google or Google’s business that is not generally known, including employee data.”

Furthermore, as stated in the contract, any who go against these terms, would immediately become liable for prosecution. This all started with Google being accused of not allowing employees to talk about business matters, which the contract proves. However, the question that remains, is the lawsuit accused Google of employees talking, does the company also restrict talk about defects in its products.

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