Canada Is The Building Line For The First Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) GT Supercar

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is somewhat of a legend when it comes to the racetrack. With the original reason for success originating from a rivalry with Ferrari NV (BIT:RACE), in the 1960’s. This, however, has left any sports car released from Ford highly anticipated, such as the first Ford GT supercar.

The Ford GT supercar was originally released in Multimatic facilities, which are located in Markham. Ford executives, all seem proud of the development of the Ford GT supercar, with various comments that the supercar, is superb on the track.

Raj Nair, Ford executive vice president of global production, stated, “This is great news for ford fans around the world. This car is all race proven.”

More details on the first Ford GT supercar

The Ford GT supercar is a carbon fiber vehicle, which is equipped with a twin turbo 600 horsepower engine, which alone is enough to make the car a worthy competitor on the track. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the performance that the GT is able to output.


According to Nair, the Ford GT was designed in order to satisfy two specific objectives, the first of which, is to excel at the famed, and age-old race track, 24 hours of Le Mans. The second objective for the Ford GT, was for the vehicle to go into production prior to the close of 2016, both of which, the company has managed to achieve successfully.

The reason behind this is at the Le Mans race track, the Ford GT was responsible for bringing home first, third and fourth finishes, at which, Nair made it clear that Ford is happy with the results that the GT has acquired on behalf of the company.

Success of the Ford GT Supercar

This vehicle is one of the most successful highest-volume vehicles that have been produced by the Multimatic facility. Allegedly, the vehicle has already obtained 6,500 applications for pre-order. However, currently, only the first 500 vehicles are in production at the Markham facility.

The Markham facility, reportedly currently produces two cars per week. However, the intention is to exceed this and produce one vehicle a day, which will result in 250 cars a year, all of which, have already been pre-sold.

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