International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) Watson Cybersecurity: Will It Handle The Recurrent Cyber Threats And Suspicious Activities?

For the last couple of months, fighting cybercrime has become a tall order for many companies. This has necessitated the need for inclusion of Cyber Security beta program into their security environments. To start off, the International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM)   Watson cyber security platform will help a majority of these companies settle their data security concerns. 40 organizations will begin beta testing of the cognitive technology according to Caleb Barlow, vice-president of IBM Security.

So how is going to happen? In an interview, Barlow explains, “The learning process is going well. Part of this is getting it out there to several beta customers including the University of New Brunswick, California State Polytechnic, Sun Life Financial, University of Rochester Medical Centers and others.”

 IBM Watson cybersecurity: Learning the language of security in different environments

Mr. Barlow further outlines that their intention is to assist companies facing cyber attacks not necessarily in the context of real-world situations but also in the framework of a diverse set of industries. For example, the language of security in a health-care company will not be similar to that of an energy company.  In any case, the teaching of Watson combines machine learning and natural language processing. This is vital in making out unstructured data the likes of blogs, research reports, and documentation that are later used by security analysts in making faster but safer decisions.


IBM outlines that there is a lot that enterprises can implement into their security environments through the use of beta program. For example, Watson has the capability of identifying a suspicious behavior from a known malware. It goes ahead to provide details that will help security teams decide on the way forward on the malicious activity. However, the Watson is still at the beta stage. Thus it is still vulnerable to errors

The marriage of traditional machine learning techniques with human language 

Machine learning techniques are all about machine-created data while human language brings out a holistic view of the structure and unstructured data. It is more of natural language processing. However, it is all about cognitive technologies, which once they are matured, will come in handy in improving detection and the speed of decision-making. Clearly, IBM Watson cybersecurity is set to play a significant role. Meanwhile, IBM’s stock was trading at $160.35 witnessing an increase of $0.51 or 0.32%.

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