Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Snapchat: How Efficient Will It Be Compared To Human Curators?

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Snapchat is perhaps the latest trend that the social networking giant is working on. This is in an effort to keep pace with various media partners the likes of CNN and BuzzFeed, which use the feature to post their articles and videos for users to browse. The news has it that the social network’s feature is similar to Snapchat Discover and will live inside News Feed, the center of all the action on Facebook.

The move comes at a time when the internet has been experiencing mushrooming fake news from falsified domains that pretend to be authentic news publishers. The climax was after the U.S. general elections, but Facebook is optimistic of being able to handle the situation given that it is one of the sources that have a large following. Speculations indicate that Facebook has been courting media companies in an attempt to engage them in contributing content for its new feature.

But the implementation of Facebook Snapchat is different

Facebook intends to use curated articles to cut the flow of fake news to its platform. The articles will be handpicked by a publisher, a move that will make it almost impossible for the news to slip into the users’ News Feed. At the same time, the implementation of Facebook Snapchat will highlight Collections in News Feed which will facilitate its successful competition with Snapchat’s Discover. However, Facebook must be aggressive in marketing Collections given that close to 150 million people view the Discover section. However, Facebook is yet to confirm a report on the launch of collections.


Facebook is not the only victim of fake news

The launch of the new feature by Facebook will be a plus for the company’s media partners. They would be sure of the reliability of the news reaching their audiences.  It may also help in mitigating some of the criticism the company has had to endure in the name of ‘fake news.’

But apparently, Facebook is not alone when it comes to dealing with the false news. Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google has also been in hot water after several election-related searches highlighted hoax websites. But how will Facebook Snapchat curtail all this given that a fake news writer brags of making thousands of dollars writing fake content? Meanwhile, Facebook’s stock closed at $115.40 witnessing an increase of $0.30 or 0.26%.

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