, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Lawsuit: Will It Avert The Sale Of Counterfeit Products By Vendors?, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) annual investment of tens of millions of dollars in the development of sophisticated technology that would help in averting the sale of counterfeit products is yet to yield positive results. Thus don’t be surprised that the King County Superior Court in Seattle is handling an Amazon lawsuit that the large e-commerce has filed against vendors who are alleged to be selling fake goods through its internet marketplace.

The allegations come at a time when Amazon has been doing anything within its power to retain its reliability while boosting its credibility with customers. The charges involve ToysNet of Hacienda Heights, California; Disk Vision of Brandon and several individuals who allegedly sold bogus TRX Suspension Trainers.


Amazon lawsuit:  An effort to tap into the looming holiday season

The Amazon lawsuit is perhaps coming up at the right time. Given that the holiday shopping season is just around the corner, it will play a significant role in keeping fake products off its website. One of the many victims of fake products is Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). The iPhone maker has sued an Amazon seller over the sale of fake Apple products some of which are relatively unsafe. Amazon has previously suffered from fake product reviews on its website, which threatened shopper confidence.

Talking about the shopping season, every Amazon customer expects to receive authentic products manufactured by the actual manufacturer. The purchase of counterfeit goods goes a long way in clamping down the company’s brand, a situation that is sometimes irreparable.  Despite the employment of teams of investigators and software engineers to refine its anti-counterfeiting program, Amazon still admits of its limitation to fight fakes, which keep resurfacing with new accounts.

Amazon’s zero tolerance on counterfeits

The substantial investment by Amazon to protect its integrity is a clear indication that company does bow down to the sale of counterfeit products. Any seller must register through Amazon’s marketplace. The sellers are then scanned through Amazon’s automate system for signals of whether or not they are bad actors.

Any listing identified as a potential counterfeit product is quickly reviewed by Amazon’s investigators who are strategically located around the globe and immediately removes them. But still the question remains, with all these regulations why then is there an occurrence of an Amazon lawsuit?

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