Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Voyager Has Attracted The Attention Of MTN

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Voyager, has been adopted for the first time by a South African mobile operator, known as MTN. The company announced on Wednesday, that they would be deploying and testing the open optical transport platform.

The reason behind the companies’ willingness to be one of the first to make use of Voyager is due to the belief that it will be able to diminish costs. Shortly before opting for Voyager, MTN also joined TIP, which is a Telecom Infra project.

Facebook voyager, will be deployed by MTN throughout various regions in South Africa. They have indicated, that some of these areas, will include shopping centers, which are located in 14the avenue, Fairland’s, as well as, Soccer City – in Soweto.

What MTN expects to gain from Facebook voyager and TIP

Not only through integrating Facebook voyager throughout their networks will MTN save money, also the company will be able to save time while rolling out internet connectivity. The company has further announced that through the use of TIP, and Voyager in cohesion, they are hoping to achieve speeds of 19 Tb p/s.



The results from the tests that the operator performed, were announced. The results depicted that of a connectivity option, which would move many away from the traditional vendors. Through the results, it was illustrated that while maintaining a high-level performance, there was non-existent packet loss or signal loss.

The group technology officer of MTN, Navi Naidoo, stated, “This means that the rollout of the voyager platform will enable operators to install a network at a lower cost, which, in turn, will result in cheaper connectivity for users.”

The aim behind the TIP initiative

The TIP initiative, or rather Telecom Infra Project was originally launched in February 2016. The reason behind the launch was to promote innovative ideas towards the manufacturing and deployment of telecommunications technology           .

MTN announced that the main aim with TIP is to reduce costs in the creation and deployment of network infrastructure. Furthermore, the company stated that through the use of Facebook Voyager, this is what they have been able to do.

Facebook stock closed at $127.17, recording a decrease of $2.33 or 1.80% from the previous trading session.

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