AWS Update: 2 New Features For, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Aurora Database, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) AWS introduces new updates to its MSQL-compatible Aurora database. Specifically, the updates include addition of Lambda invocation functions and loading data from Amazon Simple Storage Service or S3. These updates are some of the efforts being done by Amazon to integrate its AWS services.

Amazon Aurora new feature # 1: Lambda functions

This update lets the users to wire Aurora-based database to other AWS services. According to AWS, this invocation of lambda function allows for sending email through Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), issuing notification through Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), inserting publish metrics to Amazon CloudWatch, as well as updating an Amazon DynamoDB table, to mention some.


In a more technical side, Lambda does not need servers to manage according to AWS. All that is needed is to write the code and upload it to Lambda. Additionally, AWS Lambda has continuous scaling feature. Lastly, AWS Lambda uses subsecond metering. This means that users don’t need to pay when code is not running.

Amazon Aurora new feature # 2: Load data from Amazon Simple Storage Service or S3

Amazon made Aurora database experience a more convenient one since its users will not have to use EC2 anymore to transfer data stored in S3 to their Aurora databases. Through this update, users can now directly import their S3 data to Aurora. Furthermore, the data to be transferred can take the form of text or XML.

In a nutshell, these new features, indeed, made the overall experience of Amazon Web Services clients a more connected and convenient one. More integrated services can come very soon for the clients.

These new features of Aurora came to light after AWS was attacked by Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle Corp. which is a rival of AWS. Larry denounced AWS and said that it is trying to lock-in its customers.

Meanwhile, article by Silicon Angle says that these updates made by Amazon to Aurora database are already available for the users. Also, these features do not have extra costs for its users.

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