Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Messenger Conversation Feature To Help Strike Up A Conversation

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Messenger conversation feature has been incorporated into the social messaging application, Facebook Messenger. Although allegedly reported by TechCrunch, this feature is still running a limited test; it is expected that soon it will be released to the public.

Facebook recently announced that its social messaging application, the Facebook Messenger has surpassed the milestone of the billion-user club, however, this newest feature is a way for the social media giant to gain even more traction on their application.

Chris Messina, an employee of Uber International C.V., was the first to notice this feature and commented “This new Facebook conversation feature serves as an icebreaker through providing relevant information to talk about with your friends.”


How the new Facebook conversation feature works

The Facebook conversation feature is displayed in a separate section of the messaging application and provides users algorithm generated suggestions about viable topics to talk about. This feature will also allow users to note how recently each friend they wish to speak with was online.

The feature incorporates analytical data captured about each friend in particular. This data includes information such as what activities they have been involved in recently,   where they have been, as well as events that they may be planning to attend. The feature may also include information such as the music that your friend has been listening to recently and so forth.

The reason behind the feature

Although it is true, through the incorporation of this feature, Facebook expects to gain a wider range of usage on their application. This is not, however, the sole reason for the release. Often when an individual locates a new, or old friend over Facebook, finding a decent icebreaker can be difficult, through the use of this feature, that will no longer be a problem.

This is not the only feature that as uncovered by Messina, she also indicated that she had discovered code, which pointed to a different feature called rooms. It is not yet clear if the Facebook conversation feature will be tied in with public chat rooms. However, it is clear that this is yet another feature Facebook will be working on, to connect its users better.

Facebook stock closed on Monday at $127.54, after falling $0.34 or 0.27%.

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