Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s VR company Oculus Bought InfiniLED

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)-owned Oculus makes its way to improving virtual reality devices by acquiring InfiniLED and this acquisition is expected to yield more exciting virtual reality (VR) devices. Oculus is a VR company that works on devices envisioned to be more relevant in different uses. On the other hand, InfiniLED is a startup Irish company, which works on the development of LED especially used for VR devices.

InfiniLED’s pride – new and more efficient LED

While LED as technology has already been existing for years, what InfiniLED develops is a kind that uses less power compared to most technologies available in market today. Despite the low power consumption of this LED, devices where it will be used will still be capable of high quality display. Hence, applying this technology to virtual reality devices and possibly to the social networking routine of the consumers is indeed another breakthrough today. Similarly, addition of these kinds of companies in the network of ever growing Facebook continues to give color to the constantly changing world of electronic devices.


Another era in social networking?

With this union of technology companies and top social networking company Facebook, another exciting yet unpredictable era in the world of technologies is about to come. While it is still not visible today how Oculus’ ownership of InfiniLED will affect social media users’ utility of the website, what is certain is that Facebook is always working even at the back of the stage on how to innovate and keep their company relevant. It can be recalled that Facebook bought Oculus in 2014.

While Facebook has been into buying different companies to keep its ball rolling, it is also notable to say that not every acquisition yields immediate results but these acquisitions are sure to make huge impact in the future. According to a report of Fortune, Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus is expected to create “more compelling VR content” for its consumers. The same report from Fortune also said that analysts are envisioning the creation of “killer app” that can actually make people more interested in buying VR devices. This vision then can also be true with Oculus acquisition of InfiniLED.

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