$5M, Awarded to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Hackers In The Last 5 Years

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has recently revealed that since the Facebook Bug Bounty program began five years ago, it has already paid more than $5 million to over 900 security researchers, who are also known as Facebook hackers.

Success of Facebook Bug Bounty Program with Facebook Hackers

The Facebook Bug Bounty program aims to fix issues and resolve bugs quickly with the help of the whole Facebook community. In return, those who identify and report bugs for the first time will receive compensation.

For the first half of 2016 alone, more than 9,000 bug reports have been submitted. More than 100 Facebook hackers have benefited from the $611,741 reward Facebook has given away during the said period. India, the US, and Mexico are by far the leading countries in terms of payouts.


Facebook hackers are white hat security hackers who counter security breaches and criminal hackers. In the past five years, they have been of great help in the success of the program, which is why most Facebook Bug Bounty program employees have been discovered from submitting reports as concerned members of the community.

The social networking giant has also taken pride in the fact that it pioneered the idea for bug bounty programs. Some of the early members of the Facebook Bug Bounty program have spearheaded new bug bounty programs in other parts of the world.

Other milestones of the Facebook Bug Bounty program this year include the addition of WhatsApp in its scope, the addition of Bitcoin in the available payment options for Facebook hackers, and the automation of payment process.

Continuing Promise

Backed by rich experiences over the past years, Facebook is committed to improving and expanding the Facebook Bug Bounty program in ways that will be significantly beneficial to the community.

Five years of experience has helped us refine and strengthen many aspects of our program, and we heard from researchers that they appreciate our rewards, triaging, and quick fixes,” reiterated Joey Tyson, a Facebook Bug Bounty program security engineer.

Together with excellent Facebook hackers being shaped by experience as well, Facebook is hopeful about the future of the Facebook Bug Bounty program.

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