Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Fake News Still A Major Problem

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) fake news is still a major problem even on the giant social network reiterating it had fixed the problem on coming under criticism. After the controversy first erupted, the tech giant responded by firing all the editors responsible for regulating stories that appear on the trending stories portal. However, it is emerging that the use of algorithms has neither helped solve the problem.

Facebook Fake News Problem

A new audit of the trending topics portal carried out by the Washington Post indicates that Facebook is still struggling with the fake news enigma. While monitoring five different Facebook accounts, the newspaper says it discovered that on average, five news topics appearing on the trending stories were fake.

In addition to Facebook fake news, the Post notes that the trending stories portal some of the time featured inaccurate news or straightforward press releases. Questions are also being asked why the medium features posts not related to news but links to online stores.

Facebook on its defense insists it is not a media company and as so should not be held responsible for the proliferation of fake news on the network. To some extent, the company might have a point given that the trending section is personalized to each user meaning the company does to have control of what people get to read.

Clamping Down on Fake News

Regardless of the argument, the company still has a role to play given that a number of users around the globe rely on it for news. If the company truly cares about the fake news dilemma,  it may have to rely on both algorithm and human editors to regulate what people get to see on trending topics.

Most of the Facebook fake news comes from websites that their main motive is to attract traffic from the social network. Restricting news that appears on trending stories portal to posts from reputable news outlets could also help the company stem the fake news dilemma.

Amidst the fake news stand off, Facebook stock was still able to rally by 0.13% on Wednesday trading session to close the day on highs of $129.05 a share.

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