Netflix, Inc’s (NASDAQ:NFLX) Nursery Rhymes Will soon Concur Kids Entertainment World

Netflix, Inc’s (NASDAQ:NFLX) nursery rhymes are the next big thing from the world’s most major streaming service. The licensed kids’ content which has originally been produced for YouTube will now find its way into the streaming mix. This creates an addition of ad-free virtual-babysitting content to the existing preschool Netflix compilation set the likes of single 46-minute of The Adventures of Annie and Ben

Kids’ shows have apparently turned out to be immensely popular on YouTube. Hence, the success of the content will be the beginning of other things within the kids’ arena. The Adventures of Annie and Ben is already in good hands and given its popularity; it explains how much more Netflix wants to get a bigger slice of the action.

Netflix Nursery Rhymes: It’s larger that anyone would think

Netflix is looking at leaping big from the YouTube shows. HooplaKidz alone has garnered more than 10,000 original videos according to Shahrzad Rafati, the CEO of parent company BroadbandTV. It is available in various countries the likes of Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. The launch of a compilation of Netflix nursery rhymes, which was carried out on Oct. 1 was under a multiyear deal but from a multiplatform network operator, BroadbandTV.


Rafati says “Netflix is highly focused on kids and family verticals,” Rafati said. “This is really the beginning of the relationship, for us to provide more licensed content and develop original shows for Netflix.”

The BroadbandTV- Netflix

It is no surprise that the two have entered into a partnership. In any case, associations and buyouts have become an everyday norm within the technological sector. Nonetheless, this happens to be the first time that BroadbandTV is partnering with Netflix, but it is also anticipating getting licenses for additional HooplaKidz content.

The Vancouver-based BBTV is also seeking to develop original series based on its intellectual property for Netflix. It has so far secured distribution deals for HooplaKidz with Toca Boca Tata Sky, and other Amazon’s Streaming Partners Program. But all the same the Netflix nursery rhymes are likely to become a real hit sooner than later. The company was trading at $102.40 by the closure of business, which was a fall of $1.15 or 1.07%.

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