The Paradigm Shift Of Lady Gaga Manager

Lady Gaga manager, Troy Carter, has transformed into a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. Music is still among his dealings as he operates a talent management firm, but these days he does much more with investment in more than 80 startups including ride-sharing providers. Carter has invested in both Uber and its rival Lyft.

It turns out that at the time Carter fell out with Gaga in 2013 after working together since 2007, he had already seen the transformation of the music industry and was prepared for a move – a move into a more promising industry. Carter was delighted with what was happening in the tech world and he immediately focused his attention there after parting ways with Gaga and he doesn’t regret that move.

Long before Gaga fired him, Lady Gaga manager Carter was already telling those close to him about the world going into a different place. In 2010 after meeting some Silicon Valley investors, Cater told his wife Rebecca of power shift he was seeing in the world.

Lady Gaga manager meets venture capitalists in San Francisco

The investors who Carter met in Silicon Valley included Joe Lonsdale. The meeting opened Carter to new ideas and added to his changing worldview. But being part of the changing world of ride sharing, mobile phone apps and music streaming was an unlikely path for Carter.

Back in 1990s Carter was an aspiring rapper and he tried almost everything to give himself a start in music. Carter, now 43, was only 22 when he used to camp outside the recording studio of Will Smith so that he could pitch his rap to the already well-known musician. Smith later tapped him as an assistant.


But things became rough at some point and it was at the time when Carter was on the verge of bankruptcy because of upheavals in the hip hop music industry that he landed the Lady Gaga manager job. Carter met Gaga, who was a little known artists then, after she was dropped by Def Jam record label in 2006.

“She knew who she was as an artist [and] my job was to help protect that,” Carter would later say of Gaga.

Lady Gaga manager Carter founded venture capital firm Cross Culture Ventures through which he has invested in several startups, including now big names Uber, Dropbox and Spotify. He also run a talent management firm called Atom Factory.

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