HTC Virtual Reality App Viveport Launch

HTC Virtual reality app store Viveport has launched globally, now available in 30 countries. Viveport store originally launched in China early this year. With the worldwide launch of the virtual reality app store, HTC is treating VR fans to some great discounts on app purchases.

The launch of Viveport should improve the VR experience for the owners of HTC’s VR headset HTC Vive. The VR gear sells for $800 and it competes with VR gears from Facebook-owned Oculus and Sony’s PlayStation VR is due to launch next month. So far, Viveport will exist alongside VR app stores run by Oculus, Samsung and HTC’s partner Valve.

HTC Virtual reality app store Viveport to be open

Because HTC Virtual reality app store Viveport is built to democratize access to high quality VR content at great prices, HTC does not intend to create obstacles for developers. As such, Viveport will accept titles from rival stores such as those operated by Oculus and Sony and developers will be free to offer apps they built for Viveport on other platforms.

Viveport store

 “We launched in China earlier this year. We are happy to roll this out globally with some of the best creators in the industry. Our vision is to establish Viveport as the platform for virtual reality,” said Rikard Steiber, the president of Viveport.

He added that Viveport their aim is to develop the store into the one-stop shop for people seeking VR experience. Perhaps that explains why they have made Viveport open such that content from other stores can be ported into it and developers can cross-offer their content.

But HTC isn’t saying how it expects to cope with competition as more players enter the VR gear market.

Available titles

Before Viveport launched, HTC Vive owners could still buy apps from Steam, the app store supported by HTC’s partner Valve. Owners of HTC Vive headset will still be able to buy content from Steam and other third-party stores beside Viveport.

First on Viveport

Viveport comes in a number of sections, including Viveport Premieres, Viveport Community and Vive Home. Viveport Premieres features content launching on the app store first. Content from TheBlu, Everest VR, Google Spotlight Stories, The Music Room, Pearl and Stonehenge VR are available in the Premieres section. Viveport Community is like a social platform where you can connect with other VR enthusiast, while Vive Home provides users with tools to create custom VR experience.

To celebrate the HTC Virtual reality app store Viveport launch, HTC is allowing you access to several hit titles on its new VR app store for just $1. The offer is available within the first 48 hours after the store launched.

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